A New Address, the Same Free Press

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus (c. 500 B.C.), is thought to have coined the phrase, “The only thing that is constant is change.” And it is with these wise words that we unveil a new address for THE FREE PRESS (TFP), as shown above. We’ve only moved a few states over, and we’re still in the Deep South, in the Florida Panhandle, not far from where the late, great Olaf Childress published THE FIRST FREEDOM.

And before we get right into the news that the corrupt media has all but ignored, we want to send our warm regards to Alice Kneip, Jerre’s widow, who has continued what he started, for as long as she could. Thank you, Alice, for all the years and hard work you put in to deliver the truth to TFP subscribers. And thanks to Jim Lowe and Dave Groepler, who thanklessly operated behind the scenes to get TFP ready for distribution.

With that said, we’d also ask for your patience and cooperation while we get everything squared away here. It was an awesome task to keep it all organized, and Alice did a wonderful job, but there are some names, addresses and subscription dates that may need updating.

If you would be so kind, we would ask that you call us right away at (800) 492- 7971 as soon as you receive this newsletter, to let us know when your subscription expires and if you need any back issues. We want to make sure our records are up to date, as we are basically starting from scratch.

If we don’t hear from you, we will hold subsequent issues until we do. Although we’d love to, we simply cannot afford to send out TFP to addresses that have not confirmed their subscription. If you ever thought of making a donation to TFP—but never have—now’s the time. And if you haven’t caught up on your subscription in a while, please send a check for $30, made out to T HE F REE P RESS to our new address. And consider getting a gift subscription for a friend or family member you feel could benefit from real news…